Breakfast (Buffet 180 Baht per person)

Buffet bar with Thai breakfast, rice congee, sweet sausage, salted egg salad, stired fried vegetables, stired fired bean sprout with tofu, salad, coffee, ovaltine, juice, Chinese fried bread, toast, KamomKrok, fruits

Lunch (only for group, 300 Baht per person)

A1 Noodles with pork, meat ball, fish, chicken (fruits)
A2 Chicken Curry, Fishmeat Fried, Winter Melon soup with spare ripe, pork fried rice (fruits)
A3 Thai Vermicelli with curry, green curry, Chicken Tom Yum, omelet, rice (fruits)

Dinner (only for group, 350 Baht per person)

B1 Fried fish, Chicken Tom Yum, Curry, stirred fried vegetables, omelet (fruits)
B2 Fish curry, sun dried fish, Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, roasted pork salad, omelet (fruits)
B3 Sweet and sour fish, Tom Yum, bean Vermicelli salad, stirred fried pork with curry, omelet (fruits)
B4 PlaKod Tom Yum, Roasted fish, stirred fried chicken with curry,omelet, stirred fried vegetables (fruits)
B5 Tom Yum, Fried fish with garlic, roasted pork salad,omelet, stirred fried vegetables (fruits)
B6 Fishmeat Fried,green curry,Fried fish, Chicken Tom Yum,omelet (fruits)
B7 Fish curry, Tom kha Kai, Fried fish, duck egg salad, Chili paste with fresh vegetables (fruits)

Supper (only for group, Buffet 100 Baht per person)
C1 Wonton with soup, C2 Boiled rice with soup and pork, C3 Fish soup, C4 Pork ball soup

Note Every meal included free soft drink and ice and we reserve any change without notification

*** No BYO***

ติดต่อสำรองห้องพัก (Contact reservation)


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