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Enjoy a variety of excellent Thai food, especially fresh fish dishes,
we serve only fresh fish from the lake to give the best experience to all guests

List of dishes

Breakfast Buffet Set (150 ฿ per person) drinking water and ice included
List of Thai buffet dishes 
Rice soup + Fried Chinese sausage + Salted egg salad + Quick-fried water spinach with chili and soy sauce + ถั่วงอกผัดเต้าหู้ + Mixed salad
Coffee + Ovaltin + Fruit juice +Patongkoh (Deep-fried dough) + Bread + Fresh fruits

Lunch Buffet  (only for those who come as group)(300 ฿ per person) drinking water and ice included
A1   Dried/souped/spicy noodles with pork/meat balls/fish/chicken (Fruits)
A2  Red curry with chicken -  Special fish cakes – Vegetable soup with rips – Fried rice with pork (Fruits) 
A3  Rice noodles – Fish curry sauce – Green curry sauce – Thai omelet – Rice (Fruits
A4  Fried noodles with vegetables and meats – Fried rice with mixed vegetables and meats – Soup (Thai dessert served with coconut cream)

Dinner Buffet (Only for those who come as group) (350 ฿ per person) drinking water and ice included
B1  Deep-fried fish with sauce – Southern-styled dried curry – Stir-fried Chinese broccoli with sun-dried salted fish –Thai omelet (Fruits) 
B2  Special sour tamarind soup – Fried un-dried fish – Fried-fish salad – Grilled pork neck-Thai omelet (Fruits) 
B3  Sweet-sour-hot fish – mixed-vegetable-meat sour soup – Mung bean noodle salad – Spicy fried wild pork – Thai omelet (Fruits) 
B4  Naked catfish sour soup– Grilled salted Mango fish – Fried spicy organic chicken – Thai omelet – Stir-fried Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce (Fruits) 
B5  Mixed-vegetable-meat sour soup – Deep-fried garlic fish   – Grilled pork salad – Stir-fried Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce (Fruits) 
B6  Special fish cakes – Green curry – Stir-fried mixed vegetables  – Organic chicken sour soup -Omelet (Fruits) 
B7  Curry with fish and fermented bamboo shoot – Chicken in coconut milk and galangal – Deep-fried sauced chicken– Salad with duck eggs – chili sauce with fresh vegetables (Fruits)

Supper Buffet ( Only for those who come as group) )( 50 ฿ per person )Drinking water and ice included 
C1  Wonton soup    C2  Rice soup with minced pork  C3  - Rice soup with chicken  C4  Soup with fish and vegetables  C5  Soup with vegetables and pork meatballs

Please note that soda and soft drinks are not allowed to bring in from outside. We provide drinking water and ice in every meal all trip. The resort reserves the right to change some dishes in case some ingredients are not in its season.
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